Paleo Christmas Cut Out Cookies - A low FODMAP Dessert | Pretty Delicious Life

Paleo Christmas Cut Out Cookies - A low FODMAP Dessert | Pretty Delicious Life

To say I am excited to share this recipe with you is a serious understatement. This holiday season I have been playing around with a lot of family favorite dessert recipes, turning them into low FODMAP dessert recipes, but nothing has excited me more than the transformation of my Grandmother's Christmas cut out cookies into a Paleo Christmas Cut Out Cookie recipe!

When developing low FODMAP dessert recipes, you'll inevitably have flops, especially when it comes to baking. But ohhhh let me tell you the amount of flops I went through to FINALLY nail this Paleo Christmas Cut Out Cookie recipe! I tried to keep my recipe as close to the original as possible in terms of ingredients, but my Grandmother's recipe called for canola oil and I had a really hard time replacing that with something less... icky. Coconut oil did NOT work at all (what a crumbly mess!) and using straight up gluten free flour seemed to lend itself to an equally crumbly mess. I was chatting with a fellow baker friend after failed attempt nine thousand and we went back and forth about what I could try for what I insisted would be my last attempt at this Paleo Christmas Cut Out Cookie recipe. I basically abandoned the notion that I would try to keep the ingredients as close to the original recipe as possible and instead decided to focus on the texture and taste. If I could nail that, then I knew I the mission was accomplished.

I will never forget the taste of my Grandmother's Christmas cut out cookies. I made them with my Mom every single Christmas of my childhood and well into my adult life, so their texture and flavor is engrained in my brain. I knew if these Paleo Christmas Cut Out Cookies were a success, it would be because they tasted like childhood. We'd always bake them Christmas Eve, decorate together as a family, and leave them out for Santa to enjoy and every year I'd be so worried Santa would eat ALL the cookies, leaving none for me. But every year, he'd always make sure to leave me some for Christmas Day! ;) Now that I am eating a low FODMAP diet for my gut health, making one of my favorite childhood Christmas treats into a low FODMAP dessert feels like the ultimate in baking accomplishments. It can be such a challenge to transform traditional recipes into paleo, gluten free, and low FODMAP friendly desserts so it is truly sweet success when you finally nail the recipe!

I hope you enjoy and have a safe and happy holiday season!

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For the Cookies

1 cup almond flour, sifted

1 1/4 cup tapioca flour, sifted

1 large egg

1/3 cup honey

1/4 cup grass fed butter, softened

1 tsp vanilla

1 tsp baking powder

1/4 tsp salt

1/4 cup monkfruit

For the Royal Icing

1 Package Color Kitchen Foods Holiday Icing Kit

  1. In a medium bowl, sift almond flour and tapioca flour. Mix in baking powder and salt using a fork to fully incorporate.

  2. In the bowl of a stand mixer, or in a large bowl with an electric hand mixer*, cream together butter, honey, monkfruit, vanilla and egg until light and fluffy, about 1 minute.

  3. Slowly begin adding dry mixture to wet and beat on medium low until fully incorporated. The mixture will start to form a dough and may be easier to finish mixing with a fork or even by hand.

  4. Roll the dough into a ball and refrigerate 30 minutes.

  5. While the dough chills, pre-heat oven to 350F and line a baking sheet with parchment or silicone baking mat.

  6. Remove the dough from the fridge and roll out on well floured surface until dough is approximately 1/4" thick. Be careful not to roll the dough too thin or the cookies will burn.

  7. Cut out cookies using your favorite cookie cutters and arrange on baking sheet, making sure to leave space between as the cookies will expand very slightly while baking.

  8. Continue rolling out dough as necessary until all dough has been used.

  9. Bake for 10-12 minutes or until cookies are golden brown.

  10. Prepare royal icing according to package instructions and decorate as desired.

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