Gluten Free // Low FODMAP Pasta with Kale + Anchovies

Pasta consumption has increased in this household approximately 200% since stay at home orders went into effect. In fact, I have THREE new pasta-related recipes to share with you because something tells me you’ve been OD’ing on the carby goodness, too.

It took me about two and a half years to try (gluten free only!) pasta again and I do just OK with it. Personally grains aren’t my friend so I try to stick to things like zucchini noodles or my favorite Paleo pasta but lately I’ve been eating what I can get my hands on which is just straight up gluten free pasta. I am noticing my inflammatory response to it is triggered – sore joints, feeling puffy, a little sleepy – but my gut isn’t flaring up terribly so here we are, eating lots of pasta until further notice. The nice thing about the sauces I’ve been creating is that they will pair just as well with zucchini noodles when I get can back to having more of the fresh stuff on hand, so right now I’m just mindfully enjoying the indulgence and playing around with paleo pasta recipes of my own (coming hopefully soon!)


8oz (about 3/4 of a package) gluten free spaghetti or fettuccine

1 cup kale, chopped

2 tbsp garlic infused olive oil

1 tin anchovies

2 tsp crushed red pepper

salt and pepper to taste

parmesan cheese for serving

  1. Boil well salted pasta water

  2. While water boils, add garlic oil and anchovies to food processor or small blender and pulse until paste forms

  3. Add paste to a large saucepan over medium heat

  4. Add in kale, salt/pepper, and crushed red pepper

  5. Saute kale until wilted, adding more garlic oil if desired

  6. Once pasta is done cooking, transfer to sauce pan (I like to do this by using tongs and simply transferring the pasta from the pot to the pan. A little extra pasta water will come along with it and help thin out the anchovy paste you made.)

  7. Toss pasta in anchovies/olive oil/kale until well coated

  8. Top with parmesan cheese prior to serving

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