In late 2017, after almost a decade of chronic pain, fatigue, inflammation, exhaustion and a slew of doctors, I was diagnosed with SIBO and adrenal fatigue, on top of an already existing fibromyalgia diagnosis. SIBO, or Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth, occurs when there is an imbalance in the gut. Bacteria that should live elsewhere finds itself in the small intestine and begins to wreak havoc on your body, manifesting as chronic pain, chronic inflammation, brain fog, fatigue, digestive discomfort (to say the least!) and a host of other not-so-sexy symptoms. Adrenal fatigue is, well, just how it sounds. My body was over-producing cortisol due to chronic stress – both internal and external – and under-prioritized properly producing all other necessary hormones my body needs to maintain homeostasis. Yikes! Armed with a diagnosis and a plan I set out to heal my gut – naturally.

My favorite part of this journey is the intuition I’ve strengthened when it comes to listening to my body.

The SIBO-Specific Low FODMAP diet can feel very, very restrictive, boring, and frankly scary. I remember feeling terrified that I wouldn’t be able to stick to it. How would I survive without avocado after all?! It took only a few days for me to turn that fear into a challenge. I am obsessed with cooking. It’s in my blood. I’ve been creating my own recipes since I was a kid, so why would I not use this opportunity to create fun, exciting, and delicious recipes for myself to help my body heal? It was a no-brainer!

I am now almost three years into my low FODMAP journey and have been experimenting with more plant-based meals as well as low carb meals in a way that fits into the “LoFo” SIBO-Specific protocol. I’m trying out new foods, noticing what my body thinks about them, and tweaking recipes and meal plans along the way. I have been much more interested in vegan and vegetarian/pescatarian recipes lately as I’ve felt that paleo/keto can feel very animal product heavy and after awhile my gut just wasn’t loving that. Switching to a “pegan” Paleo/Vegan inspired diet is something I’ve just started exploring and I’m really excited to see where that takes me.



  1. I do all the food styling & photography for Pretty Delicious Life as well as the recipe development, writing, and recipe testing. Not one second of this feels like work!

  2. I have a 2 year old rescue Pitbull named Julia aka Julia Child who is my sous chef and is most likely somewhere under the table in every single shot on this website. And if not, she’s at my feet next to the stove while I’m testing the recipes!

  3. I am obsessed with the moon & astrology but also astronomy and space in general.

  4. I am a former wardrobe stylist. I lived & worked in NYC for 10 years (which makes me an official New Yorker!) and worked with brands like L’Oreal, Target, and my favorite Martha Stewart.

  5. I was on a game show in college with two of my friends and we won! Our episode still airs today.

  6. I worked in a celebrity chef owned NYC restaurant for two years in many different roles and learned so much during my time there. I so wish I appreciated it more back then!

  7. Entertaining is my absolute favorite thing to do and I’ll often refer to myself as an Italian Grandmother. My actual Italian Grandfather had three amazing sisters, each of whom had an open door and full plate policy in their homes. I like to think I’m the way I am because of them; it’s in my blood! Everyone is welcome in my home at all hours and you better believe you’re getting fed, so come hungry!

  8. I lived in the Von Trapp house in Salzburg, Austria for a summer.

  9. Rock n roll will always, always be life but when I cook I only listen to jazz.

  10. I’ve been a foodie since day one and have so much fun bringing a classic culinary twist into the wellness world!


My functional medicine doctor and I agreed that going low FODMAP would be my first step in the healing process, accompanied by herbal supplementation under his advisement, and a major dose of stress-management/mindfulness.


The key in my healing has largely been in the dietary changes I have made. Prior to this, I ate what I felt was a healthy, well-balanced diet, but through this journey I’ve learned that what may be healthy for others simply wasn’t working for my body. Another major player for me has been mindfulness and stress management. Through yoga & meditation I have been able to significantly reduce my stress levels thus reducing not only my adrenal fatigue but my inflammatory response in my gut.

My favorite part of this journey is the intuition I’ve strengthened when it comes to listening to my body. Often times we forget that our bodies and our minds are connected. Our bodies are our homes and personally I like to keep my home looking beautiful inside & out, why wouldn’t I do the same with my body? It’s the one place I will be my entire life and I want it to be a beautiful place to be. Listening to what makes me feel good and what makes me feel icky is key in my healing as well as the recipes I create for you. My hope is, if it makes me feel good it will make you feel good too.

I strive to offer simple swaps and tweaks in each recipe so that anyone can enjoy, whether you’re vegan, gluten free, low FODMAP or something in between. Each of my recipes have been taste-tested and approved by the non-fodmappers in my life, which means they’re perfect for parties, holidays, and picky eaters alike. I am excited to create something for this community and hope you’re just as excited to try my creations in your own homes.





Samantha J.

“I have suffered  with gut health issues all my life and always found it to be such a challenge to find tasty sounding recipes that didn’t contain foods that would cause symptoms to flare. For years I’d make the same handful of meals over and over because I didn’t know that there were other options available to me. Kim’s recipes and low FODMAP advice have opened new doors for my family and I! I no longer have to watch as my husband eats delicious food. Thanks to Kim’s fresh take on low FODMAP I’m enjoying right along with him!” 


Kat H.

“I was diagnosed with Crohn's disease 11 years ago. I’ve spent years being a vegan and gluten free on and off because that’s all I knew. After following Kim’s recipes, I’ve been able to add foods back into my diet that I previously thought would hurt my stomach. I’ve learned things about my body that I never realized before. I can fall back in love with food again and not feel like I’m holding back or missing out! It’s not just the recipes, it’s the education I get to learn more about my body, and I am so grateful! I’m so happy there is someone out there sharing their experiences and recipes who is just like the rest of us struggling with gut-friendly foods!” 



“As someone married to someone with IBS, who also does all the cooking in the household, it is such a treat to have found Pretty Delicious Life. I used to make separate meals for my wife to support her IBS and feed the rest of the family something entirely different. I always felt bad watching her eat something I would have considered to be boring and bland while the rest of us enjoyed things like cookies or pasta. Kim’s recipes are not only easy and accessible, but they truly are loved by the whole family! They’ve made my duties as home chef much easier and made my wife feel like part of the culinary fan again.” 

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