In late 2016, the idea to share stylish pieces, beautiful lifestyle shots, and delicious food came to me. I wanted it to be fluid and versatile, something everyone could find value in. I thought if I shared pretty clothing, delicious recipes, and some sort of idyllic life people would covet my work and flock to my instagram for a little bit of eye candy. I started the account, and just as quickly as it began, my inspiration fell flat. It just didn’t feel REAL to me.


Several months later, after years of doctors appointments and “negative” test results (you can read more on that here) I was diagnosed with SIBO and adrenal fatigue on top of already having been diagnosed with fibromyalgia. I was faced with the necessity of a whole new way of life if I wanted to feel better again. The low FODMAP dietary protocol my doctor suggested I follow was completely foreign to me. I felt frozen and did not know where to start. Armed with a few PDFs of “legal” and “illegal” foods, I took to Google in search of recipes for my new way of living. But… there were next to none. How could this be? I’m certainly not the only one in the world with SIBO following a low FODMAP diet!

In that moment, Pretty Delicious Life took on a whole new meaning and breathed a new sense of purpose & inspiration into me. I made it my mission to create new recipes, put my own spin on classics, and offer a sense of food reprieve for those like me, searching high and low for something other than plain chicken and steamed spinach (ZzZzZz!) I wanted to make sure my life WAS pretty delicious and in doing so, I hoped I would inspire others to do the same. There are so many lifestyle changes I’ve made over the years, too, like adopting a yoga & meditation practice, and finding the skincare routine that worked best for me, so you’ll see a smattering of lifestyle along with my recipes to fully round out your experience.


It is my hope that Pretty Delicious Life becomes your soft place to land during your health journey, whether you suffer from SIBO, IBS, autoimmune disease, or simply are trying to determine why you’re not feeling your best and haven’t found the right place to turn. I will always offer low FODMAP friendly recipes from a variety of dietary lifestyles because I truly believe you should eat what makes you, as an individual, feel your very best. And if I can guarantee one thing, it is this: you’ll never need to make yourself separate meals again because my recipes are made for the whole family to enjoy!


Thank you for being here.


All my love,


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